Experts guide to Ethiopian Coffee.

Experts guide to Ethiopian Coffee.

Ethiopian Coffee Guide

Ethiopia, the country where coffee originated, is renowned for its beans. Some of the best single-origin coffees in the world are produced there. Let's explore this region and discover what makes this nation so unique in producing coffee. 

Ethiopia: The Origin of Coffee

The area in southwest Ethiopia where coffee was first discovered is where the word "kaffa," or "coffee," first comes from. Here, unlike every other nation that produces coffee, coffee trees naturally grow here in Ethiopia.

Coffee is commonly believed to have originated in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is the only country where coffee was produced. Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat herder, is associated in ancient Ethiopian history with discovering coffee and its amazing properties around 850 AD. After seeing his goats become so energized from eating berries from a particular tree that they were unwilling to sleep at night, Kaldi made the discovery of coffee.

The Flavor Profile of Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopian coffee is famous for its strong fruity and flowery flavor. These coffees often contain complex taste notes, a light to medium body, and a stronger acidity. Particularly if you're addicted to over-roasted coffee from chains like Starbucks, it's light to medium-bodied and gives a complex yet delicate tasting experience.

Both the wet and the dry processes are used to process Ethiopian coffee beans, and each one adds a unique flavor to the finished roast.

Coffee Growing Regions of Ethiopia

The origin of coffee is Ethiopia. Here, coffee trees have existed in the wild for many centuries. Without any additives, the climate is ideal for producing great coffee. Ethiopia is home to hundreds of different coffee varieties. Nearly the majority (98%) of the nation's coffee is grown by farmers on tiny farms. Coffee plants are primarily grown in the southwest half of Ethiopia. The four primary agricultural regions in the country are:

  • Sidamo (Yirgacheffe)

Some of Ethiopia's most refined, aromatic coffees, with flavors of spices, fruit, and floral attributes, are grown in Sidamo. Yirgacheffe is a small subregion of Sidamo which means "cool grass." Yirgacheffe coffee frequently ranks among the top coffees in the world.

  • Harrar

The country's highest-growing area, Harrar, has historically produced some of the oldest known coffee varieties. It has an earthy aroma with possible fruity hints. Mocha, short berry, long berry, and peaberry are examples of variations.

  • Ghimbi

The coffees in this region, which is in the west of the nation, are wet-processed. Varieties farmed here are more acidic and have a more complex flavor profile. 

  • Limu

In this southern location, higher elevations are ideal for growing superior washed coffees. Coffee cultivated in Sidamo and Limu has very similar flavor profiles.

Enjoy Your Coffee

Ethiopian coffee is simply that amazing, which is why it is so loved by coffee enthusiasts. Some of the most unique coffee in the world is produced in this area. 

You now have knowledge about the history of coffee, coffee-producing regions in Ethiopia, and their flavor. Time to use all of your expertise to make a really great Ethiopian coffee.

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