Discovering the Rich Flavors of Papua New Guinea Coffee: A Guide

Discovering the Rich Flavors of Papua New Guinea Coffee: A Guide


Guide to Papua New Guinea Coffee

Discovering the Rich Flavors of Papua New Guinea Coffee: A Guide


When it comes to coffee-producing countries, Colombia, Brazil, and Tanzania may come to mind, but there's a hidden gem that often goes overlooked - Papua New Guinea. With a population of nine million people residing in rural areas, and up to one-third of them depending on coffee for their livelihood, Papua New Guinea has a rich coffee culture worth exploring. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Papua New Guinea coffee, including its origin, flavor profile, and coffee growing regions.

Origin of Papua New Guinea Coffee:

Coffee production in Papua New Guinea dates back to the 1920s when it became commercialized. However, in recent years, the country has faced challenges due to factors such as declining coffee prices globally, resulting in a drop in production. Despite this, the majority of coffee farming in Papua New Guinea is still carried out on a small scale, benefiting local farmers.

Flavor Profiles:

Papua New Guinean coffee is known for its distinctive flavor profile, thanks to the nutrient-rich soil and the washing procedure used by farmers to extract beans from the coffee cherries. The coffee from Papua New Guinea has a well-balanced taste with rich, deep chocolate flavors, supported by spicy undertones and earthy overtones. One unique aspect of this coffee region is the presence of a mildly fruity acidity, adding to its complex flavor profile.

Coffee Growing Regions:

Papua New Guinea has five main regions where coffee is produced, with approximately 90% of the total coffee production coming from these regions:

  1. Eastern Highlands: This region is known for its unique coffee cultivation methods, resulting in high-quality beans.

  2. Western Highlands: The city of Mount Hagen in the Western Highlands province is known for flavorful coffee due to its high altitudes and suitable rainfall.

  3. Simbu: The Simbu Province in the central highlands of Papua New Guinea produces coffee with a complex flavor profile characterized by the bitterness of apples and grapes.


Papua New Guinea coffee is a hidden gem worth exploring for coffee lovers. Despite facing challenges in recent years, Papua New Guinea continues to produce unique and bold coffee beans with rich flavors. If you're a fan of Indonesian coffee, Papua New Guinea coffee beans may quickly become your new favorite. So, venture beyond the usual coffee-producing countries and discover the rich flavors of Papua New Guinea coffee today!

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